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“I like Karine’s attention to detail…I like her constant follow up with me. I want to know what is going on at all times. We were always in constant contact”

Eric Stewart - VP
North America HR, Club Med


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KGillAssociates offers the dedication and personalized service of a boutique firm, combined with the access to resources and best practices of a large organization. We work exclusively on a retained basis to ensure our ability to fully dedicate our resources and deliver on a small number of client searches at any given time. Retained search also ensures a consistent message to the marketplace, a shared goal between search firm and clients of finding the best placements, and, through this, build lasting relationships.

Search Process

Our search process is customized to each individual client’s needs and typically would include the following components:

  • Define with you the needs of the organization and the profile of the ideal candidate for this position. 
  • Discuss and agree on a search strategy, including a list of target organizations for the search. 
  • Conduct research regarding the target organizations, which we will use to further assist us in the identification of candidates. Utilizing these networks and our own existing contacts, we will identify the most appropriate candidates who are interested in the opportunity.
  • Screen prospective candidates through phone and face-to-face or videoconference interviews.
  • Present qualified candidates to you with an assessment of their fit for the position.
  • Conduct reference and educational checks for the finalist.
  • Assist in the negotiation of the compensation (and, if necessary, relocation) package.

Conduct post-search follow-up with you and the successful candidate to assure a smooth transition into your organization.

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